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You may have heard Austin-based Peter More’s music produced by Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen, live on tour with Grace Potter, or supporting Leon Bridges in their hometown of Fort Worth, Texas.  At turns contemplative and rousing, More's music is precisely executed, yet manages to feel original and uncomplicated; Music you want to hum along with and also hang on to every single line.

Over the years, Peter More and his bandmates have called many places home. Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, More joined forces with Spanish flamenco guitarist José Juan Poyatos, Mexican bassist Diego Noyola, and French-American drummer Adrien Faunce in San Miguel de Allende, the colonial arts haven three hours north of Mexico City. The rest is…the beginning.

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“Utilizing Fagen’s expertise with vocal harmony and clever arrangements, More fashioned material that veers from folk balladry to country to sauntering soul-rock.”

- Rolling Stone

"Brings to mind folk-rock greats like Neil Young... with a new and vibrant energy."

- Substream Magazine  

"An eclectic sound of classic rock roots, old country twang, and latin influences."

- Sound Digest 

"Peter More is constantly in motion, and you can hear it in his new music." 

- The Prelude Press

"Peter More enshrines his nomadic nature on new EP."

- B-Sides & Badlands

"They’ve got that electricity that happens when great musicians play together."


Shoulder (Released 4/12/2019) 

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The Shoulder EP is comprised of three songs that were held back from Peter More's debut album "Beautiful Disrepair" (released in August 2018). Kicking off with the anthemic single "Shoulder" and followed by two b-sides -- "What We Used to Be" and "Marlene (Featuring Amy Helm)”, the uncomplicated and original tracks all feature Donald Fagen's precisely executed phrasing and production, with More's lyrics and unique vocal style. Best described by Fagen as music with "a smart savvy edge...its an American dish served with hot sauce", each song fuses together Peter More’s many creative and geographic influences honed in recording studios in Mexico, Texas, New York City, and Woodstock.





When you listen closely to "Beautiful Disrepair," Peter More's debut album, you will hear ghosts. There’s the presence of his grandmother, an arts patron, whose legacy enriches all his creations. There’s a sister-like figure from his youth, whose sudden passing sparked his lust for life.  And there’s a lingering sting of relationships' lost promises. The roots-rock artist, however, is not one to lament.  All these apparitions come very much back to life through his music. After a chance meeting with Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen, and his musician-wife Libby Titus, the couple invited him to Woodstock to attend Levon Helm’s final Midnight Ramble concert.  A few months later, they recorded "Beautiful Disrepair" — working around Fagen’s various projects — in San Miguel de Allende, Fort Worth, New York City, and Woodstock.  "We’d start with the lead vocal track, sit at a piano, and he would map out the harmonies,” More recalls.  “Then we’d record it.  When he played it back, we’d be like, ‘Holy shit!’”  This is how More’s ghosts were so vividly resurrected.  The producer likewise expanded their sonic repertoire.  “What’s cool is that no one had an ego about things.  We were four best friends who had the good fortune of having Donald take us under his wing,” More says.  If there is a commonality tying his songs together, it’s an emotional and physical wanderlust.  “Definitely a lot of different places, different dynamics,” he says of Beautiful Disrepair’s sprawl of experiences, wherein he confronts his ghosts to make peace with them.


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Photo Credit: Peter More

Photo Credit: Peter More

Photo Credit: Peter More

Photo Credit: Peter More

Photo Credit: Peter More

Photo Credit: Peter More

Photo Credit: Peter More

Photo Credit: Peter More

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Photo Credit: Marcus Jolly

Photo Credit: Marcus Jolly

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Photo Credit: Peter More

Photo Credit: Peter More

Photo Credit: Peter More

Photo Credit: Peter More



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